Thursday, August 19, 2010


Teens and young adults across America listen to the typical trash on the radio, hip-hop/rap and sleezy pop, but in Europe, techno and trance is what's hot! Basshunter (aka Jonas Altberg) is one of the most popular dance DJs in Europe, along with DJ Tiesto, David Guetta and many more. Basshunter composes in swedish and english. Two of his hits in swedish are called "Dota" and "Boten Anna", which he also has in english, "All I ever wanted" and "Now you're gone". A while back in May, I went to one of his concerts in Milwaukee, WI. I drove six hours with my sister, father, and close friend. Once I got passed the hours of my sister's screeching and my father's irratation, realized it was worth the drive. The music was blasting, the people were crazy and the singer was hot...yes, extremely attractive! That concert was one of the most unforgettable experiences ever. I hope that one day Basshunter will come and do a concert in Minneapolis. Dota in Minnesota? Maybe one day!

Basshunter's newest single: Saturday

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