Sunday, August 7, 2011


Gift wrapping is an art.

Wrapping is the accessory of the gift. 
It is one of the key components of a gift!
It's like cake without ice creme, it's understating 
the gift as a whole.

There are many different styles of gift wrapping! 
You can simply wrap it in simple cardboard and embellish it 
with a lavish ribbon and bow...

Or you can find a nice colored paper such as tangerine, fuschia, and peach.
Then you can wrap it in a softer colored ribbon such as seafoam, yellow, cream. 

Either way it's the little details that really shows the thought put into gift wrapping!
Little signature designs and beautiful ideas show that you truly care about
the person you are giving the gift to.

Gift wrapping is meant to make someone smile :)
Gift wrapping is an art.


  1. I came over to say hello after seeing your comment and surprise, surprise! Thank you for the lovely mention and I so enjoyed reading your blog. XO

  2. Thanks! I absolutely love your blog! It was very inspiring for a post!


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