Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ok so I formally apologize for not posting lately, it was been an 
INSANE month. 
I have been so busy preparing myself for the college 
application process. It's quite intriguing trying to find a distinct major
that benefits my skills. I'd like to find a college that has polo as well as
find a school with a program that can utilize my creativity. 
So I have narrowed it down to 4 schools... University of Connecticut,
Cornell University, University of Virginia and Texas A&M.
Not only are these AMAZING schools they also are have the four best polo
teams in the country... CrAzY.

So I recently took a road trip from Minneapolis down to Texas (yes... it
was indeed a daunting trip). I'm afraid I didn't look as fabulous as this fine lady ^, 
but it was a very educational trip. I learned quite a bit about the schools down
there. I am now located in Sarasota, FL. 
It's about time I take a break ...  (but not really).
Happy Thanksgiving!

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