Sunday, June 19, 2011


Thanks for always coping with my struggles and difficulties 
throughout all of my sports.
Thanks for still shooting with me even when I was awful.
Thanks for taking pictures and shooting videos of all my polo matches.
Thanks for dealing with all my losses throughout the badminton season 
and still naming me MVP.

Thanks for always loving the mountains just as much as I do.
Thanks for always pushing me to snowboard off the edge of a cliff, even when
I was twelve years old.
Thanks for making me the daredevil and thrill seeker I am today.

Thanks for introducing me to some of the most epic music ever.
Thanks for showing me what "Justice" music really is.
Thanks for always listening to "Tuesday Afternoon" every tuesday afternoon
throughout the summer.
Thanks for teaching me to be an intellectual.

Thanks for picking the most beautiful place to vacation.
Thanks for always wanting to wake up early in order to beat the current
so that we can snorkel. 
Thanks for exploring the Coral Reef and the world with me.

Thanks for making every roadtrip a memory even if it's only 20 min out 
to the Cabela's in Rogers. 

Thanks for being a great Coach... Inspiration... Hero... Friend... Dad.

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