Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This summer I started kickboxing and was inspired on creating a post with
fashionable ladies kicking butt. 

I find this too be an interesting accessory... you could belt a dress?

I like the scenery in this shoot because it's so bleak and bare and that
way you can focus your attention on the clothes and the model.

What a knockout! ....(actually).

So the other day I was at my kickboxing class and we were 
doing different stations. One station, you would simply do jabs the other
station, you would do round kicks as fast as you could. 
I got to the station where you must do your hardest round kick.
I was nervous because lately my round kicks haven't been that great...
So I winged it...
I managed to hit the guy who was holding the pads smack in the side of the head.
He was quite shaken up by it.... oops :)
It just goes to show that girls can kick-ass just as much as boys :)

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