Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I am in love with the show True Blood! I recently started watching 
it last year and am now reading the books (The Southern Vampire Mysteries).
I know what you are all thinking..."Wow... this is probably just another
Twilight..." Lies!!!! It is actually much more interesting and terribly southern! 
(Not to mention... a lot more kinky...)
Anyways, I am obsessed with the main heroine, Sookie Stackhouse.
Though she can be extremely foolish and somewhat dim, I think she is 
too cute! Also I am kind of digging on her southern style ;)

Oh yeah, I'm also extremely jealous that she has these two guys after her...
I mostly have a thing for the one on the right <3

I suggest you guise watch this show and or read the books! 
It's a quick read and I usually finish one within two days or so.

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